Online Marketing

Online Matketing with J2Net We can help your business with online marketing and email campaigning using several options to include online companies like Fishbowl, Constant Contact, Icontact and more. With Online and Internet marketing we bring together the creative and technical aspects of the Internet, including design, development, advertising, and sales.

We can set up you online accounts then configure it so you do not have to understand to detail is mail out campaign and tracking leads. We'll set up branding for your email to make them professional and add tags to ensure you website benifits from your email campaign to improve Search Page Rankings. We will help you manage email campaigning or give you the reigns to manage it yourself and seek guidance periodically. We can help you tune online marketing tools to maximize email penatration against spamming and focus your emails to the correct demographics

J2Net Web Development and Internet Marketing J2Net is a small consulting firm that believes in providing the best customer service in the Internet sector and will remain small in doing so. So if your company needs Internet or networking services, contact us for a free assessment of your website, office applications and network to see if your current vendor is providing the best service at the best cost.

J2Net Clients

On Social Media, Participate,
Don't Push

When marketing on social media platforms, always keep in mind the 80/20 rule. You should spend 80% of your time sharing, answering questions and interacting with others and only 20% of your time promoting your small business. Stick to this rule and you'll be seen as a true participant, not a pushy sales-person.